Web Directions Summit 2017 Notes

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Web Directions Summit 2017

Last week I attended the Web Directions Summit in Sydney. There were surprisingly a lot more good talks and brilliant speakers compared to previous years (thank God).

Below is a rundown of what I've learned during those two days attending the conf:

  • Web performance engineering is not just for our users, it's also for us as we age and our focus and patience decreases over time.
  • Conversational UX through bots and voice is and will be the next killer features for apps.
  • CSS Blocks is the new kid on the block for design systems and web/app components.
  • WebXR 2.0, combining AR and VR, is coming soon.

I think those are the big things that are at the edges (i.e. new-ish) that I care about as they affect the areas I'm interested in, and the ones that are worth exploring for me anyway.

For a more detailed overview of the event, read Ben Buchanan's awesome post.