Rethinking Writing

| 1 min read

Learning how to write

It's been more than a year since my last post here. When I first set this up I thought I'd be posting at least once a week. Since I was doing photography at that time, I thought that would be very easy - post my weekly photos, and a little bit of tech on the side and it will be good. But life caught up and it gave me a glimpsed that there's more to this and photography. I needed (and deserved) time away from the laptop.

Another factor of me not posting was that the static site generator build setup of this site took at least five (5) minutes due to crazy photo optimizations I was doing at that time - convert to webp, lower the jpeg quality, build a .bpg variant. It was consuming a lot of time and it was taking away the excitement and happiness of writing, and posting anything. And I couldn't find time to make it better (and if anything, I didn't know how else I could speed that up without sacrificing image quality).

Fast-forward to 2017, with time and experience on my side, I've decided to remove the photography aspect of the site and instead focus on text content, whatever it may be. I needed to start something (small), and hopefully can learn and improve the way I write and do these things. I believe writing will help me find my peace by dumping my thoughts about tech, life, and anything else what comes to mind, so I won't have to keep thinking about them. It might get personal or banal but at least I won't have to think about them for a moment, saving me bandwidth to hopefully think about the more important things in life.