Photography as Art

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Photography as Art

I've been doing a lot of photography (as a beginner) ever since I joined the FOCUS group almost a year ago. Every weekend, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, we go to photograph as the sunrises on these eastern shores. Sometimes, with a good cloud cover, we spoil ourselves with the beauty of these sunrises like the one below:

![Whale Beach](/thumb/inferno-xsmall.jpg)

It's fantastic. It's dramatic. It's eye-catching.

But is that all there is? Is that how I want to define my photography - beautiful skies and a somewhat engaging subject?

I hope not. Our world is beautiful and there are plenty of photography subjects that don't require beautiful skies. There are certainly plenty of things that I still don't know about photography, composition-wise and a way to express myself and leave an imprint in this world. I certainly don't want to look at my portfolio when I'm 80 years old and never really pushed the boundaries of what's possible in photography. Emphatic skies are, in my opinion, a tiny fraction of what makes a landscape photo great, more so what makes photography, in general, a worthwhile endeavour.

And this is why starting today, I'm going to be more critical about myself and really find out what kind of art I want to represent who I am. I want my photography, and my photographs for that matter to last centuries, not just a lifetime. And to do that, I'm going to need to get closer to the masters, and hopefully improve on their works so that one day I will be recognised as one of them. Hopefully.