Integrated Products

Integrated Products

This post first appeared in a Medium article.

Was Jobs’s, and later on by his trusted lieutenants’, focus on integrated products set Apple back a few years?

Apple could be in the forefront of (technology) innovation by now — self-driving electric cars, iPhone with integrated VR/AR features, etc… without their relentless, and sometimes at-fault, focus on having the best UX on the iPhone.

Tesla and Elon, for example, has proven over time that you can innovate and have a good UX on your products without being too perfect and your users will still be OK with it. He has proven that you can reinvent industries without getting too bogged down on the technology.

There’s arguably no doubt that Elon and his companies are the gold standard for how and what sort of innovations companies and startups should focus on. But if Apple can reinvent itself one more time, then the golden age of technology and innovation is still upon us.