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Experiencing a chronic health issue can make one question their life, their choices, and what's truly important in their day-to-day living. Nothing else matters when you're sick but to get better and to get better as soon as possible. And when pondering about the future, nothing else matters but to live happily and to live longer.

That's essentially how I felt in the first half (or so) of this year. Not knowing the cause of my symptoms, and also not having a good* GP at that time didn't help. I've developed an anxiety disorder, and now that I have more time to reflect on it, I've been thinking that some of my symptoms might've been caused by the anxiety. It's a vicious cycle.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you to make you realise your weaknesses, that you are in the wrong path. And that's exactly what happened. That experience has taught and forced me to focus on what's truly important in my life, and in what I do. To focus on efforts that will make the biggest impact in my life and work, and the lives of people I love and care about, because life comes at you fast and next thing you know you're in the brink of leaving this world (whether it's through age or sickness).

Life is short. Focus your life to what matters most.