FPL Gameweek 9 - Notes

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These are my FPL notes for Gameweek 9.

The Team

Gameweek 9 total points of 84

Gameweek transfer(s)

These are my transfers in this gameweek.

Awoniyi (NFO) -> Alvarez (Man City)

Taiwo Awoniyi was ruled out for a few weeks due to injury so with 0.4m in the bank, it made sense to upgrade that position to Julian Alvarez. I wanted to get Ollie Watkins but there's not enough money in the bank to make that move.

Botman (NEW) -> Murillo (NFO) [for a -4 hit]

I had half of my team flagged (injured) so this transfer is moving away from an injured player to a move that I saw would be beneficial since they (Nottingham Forest) would be playing a bottom-of-the-ladder team in Luton Town. Murillo also had a high expected goal involvement due to the previous game where he almost scored a solo goal.

That game went south towards the end in the last 5-10 minutes, and not only they conceded 2 goals, he also picked up a yellow card which gave him a total of 0 (zero) points for the gameweek - a -4 total loss.


It was a Mo Salah vs Erling Haaland captaincy choice and I chose Erling Haaland as he was playing Brighton who were a bottom 3 team in the expected goals conceded column. Mo Salah had Everton who was a top 5 defensive team at that time. Erling was the right captaincy choice though. Watching the game, Salah didn't play well and if not for the penalty in the 70th minute or so, he wouldn't have gotten such a big score in that gameweek.


Maybe there was a better pick than Murillo - I think I got blindsided by recency bias and should've looked at a more stable/longer term pick in that position rather than having looked at a 1-2 gameweek punt.

Should I have captained Salah? Perhaps. What I didn't take into account was that it was a (Merseyside) derby and derbies usually add more motivation and heat into the game which sometimes elevate the great players like Salah.

All in all, it was a good week considering I don't have James Maddison and Heung-Min Son in my team, but a Salah captaincy would've been great!