FPL Gameweek 11 - Notes

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These are my FPL notes for Gameweek 11.

The Team

Total points: 711 Global rank: 28k

Gameweek 11 total points of 32

Gameweek transfer(s)

These are my transfers in this gameweek.

Murillo (NFO) -> Taylor (BUR)

A boring transfer but one that frees up funds for future transfers. I've been wanting to downgrade one of my defenders as I normally play 3-5-2 setup, hence, making the fifth defender position unnecessary.


Man City played Bournemouth at home so it made sense to captain Erling Haaland. City trashed Bournemouth but Jeremy Doku stole the show and Haaland ended up blanking with a 1-pointer as he was taken off at halftime due to a minor ankle injury. I think it was just a precaution so he will be OK for the next gameweek, I think.

Nevertheless, Salah and Watkins blanked as well and it was a very low-scoring gameweek so a 1-pointer captaincy is probably OK.


It was a very low scoring gameweek and all the good players blanked. The average points this gameweek was 32 points and most of the players in my league only got below 30 points. So even though it was a low-scoring gameweek I was able to increase my lead in our leage to 25 points!

Lesson this gameweek? No one is essential and luck and due diligence is still required every week to ensure I field the best team I can for that gameweek.