FPL Gameweek 10 - Notes

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These are my FPL notes for Gameweek 10.

The Team

Gameweek 10 total points of 88

Gameweek transfer(s)

These are my transfers in this gameweek.

Rico Henry (BRE) -> Kostas Tsimikas (LIV)

This was an obvious choice as Rico Henry has been injured for a couple of months now and I just have not been able to transfer him out until this game week. Some points as to why transferring in Tsimikas makes sense:

  • Same price as Rico Henry
  • Guaranteed minutes as Robertson is out until early next year
  • Liverpool defence has improved this year - opportunity for clean sheets with their upcoming 5-10 fixtures


It was a Mo Salah vs Erling Haaland captaincy choice and I chose Erling Haaland as he was playing against Man United. This was a gut feel though. Salah was playing against Nottingham Forest, and I thought NFO is a better team defensively than Man United but Mo is still capable of getting a haul in these type of games. In the end, the fact it's a Manchester derby and add that to my belief that great players perform better against the top teams and tougher oppositions swayed me into captaining Haaland.


Captaining Erling Haaland turned out to be the best decision I made this gameweek. He scored a total of 32 points as my captain which propelled me to the top of my league and up to 30k rank globally. The Tsimikas transfer worked too as he got a clean sheet for 6 points.